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unless you understand the question.

We are Fortytwo

We solve our customers challenges.

With the right attitude, where technology is fortitude, we are Fortytwo.

Are you?

You can find all the answers, and all the right questions, so that everything makes sense.

Even Fortytwo.

We have all the answers.


We are Fortytwo and solve our customers challenges. We are the solution. We are technology. Using the best tools to ensure our customers can rely on their operations, safely, securely, in the cloud. We will find the answers. And the questions.

Your biz been pwned yet?


Cyber Defense Operations detects and removes threats before they become a risk. Our cutting-edge services use artificial intelligence for a complete security overview and monitoring. So that you can focus on your own business.

Work somewhere awesome


We’re looking for one of the best. Highly competent, but humbly so. Security, identity, governance and compliance, cloud technology. Being innovative, always curious, working in highly competent teams. We are FortyTwo. Are you?