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unless you understand the question.

We are Fortytwo

We solve our customers challenges.

With the right attitude, where technology is fortitude, we are Fortytwo.

Are you?

You can find all the answers, and all the right questions, so that everything makes sense.

Even Fortytwo.


Some of our services


01 / Activisory

Our Activisory service helps ensure that your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments are configured with recommended and best-practice security settings and policies.

02 / Managed CIAM

Managed B2C is a standardized method of delivering a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution based on Azure AD B2C, deployed to your own subscription, in your own Azure environment.

03 / Managed Sentinel

A continuously deployed managed Sentinel solution, always up to date with the latest detection rules, backed by an experienced Incident Response Team.

04 / Security Portal

Introducing Fortytwo Security Posture for Microsoft 365, a solution that continuously monitors your Microsoft 365 configuration and compares it to best practices.

05 / Managed K8S

Azure Marketplace offering that sets up a secure, production-ready Kubernetes cluster. This application is designed with security and best practices in mind, ensuring a ready-to-go production platform.

06 / Cloud OPS

Our Cloud Operations Service is designed to provide comprehensive management and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure and resources.