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Get the right warnings, at the right time to ensure a timely threat response.

Get your Sentinel up and running today.

Be able to respond to threats as they happen. Sentinel is a powerful tool if it is set up correctly. But that requires know how and continous improvement.

Managed Detection from Amesto Fortytwo is a standardized method and service built on Microsoft Sentinel. It is a pre-configured security monitoring service that supports all Microsoft cloud solutions. 

The services are continuously updated with automated distribution. This means that the solution will always be on the "latest version", and never be in a situation where an implementation or upgrade project is required. New detection rules, workbooks or other functionality added to the service are automatically available.

Reduce your alarm fatigue and get the warning that pose a serious risk. Managed Detection enables you to prioritize your incidents and respond when appropriate. 

What is included in Managed Detection?

Microsoft Sentinel is a solution that provides a comprehensive picture of everything that happens in your cloud environment. The insight that Sentinel reports on enables you to act on threats to protect your users and data at any time and place, across networks and cloud components. Through intelligent security analytics, based on artificial intelligence, Microsoft Sentinel detects threats both smarter and faster than traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

Microsoft Sentinel is built to

  • Collect data across all users, devices, applications and infrastructure.

  • Detect previously suspected threats and minimize false alerts using analysis and intelligence from Microsoft technology.

  • Investigate large-scale threats and suspicious activities using artificial intelligence, based on decades of cyber security. Respond quickly to incidents with the help of built-in implementation and automation.



Get your 30 day free trial here

In cooperation with Microsoft we are able to offer a 30 day no cost trial. This includes set up of our rule-set in your Azure environment and ingestion of up to 10GB of daily logs. This will enable you to get visibility of threat activity in your environment.


Amesto Fortytwo have security experts with extensive platform knowledge on Microsoft Sentinel, and more importantly on all the Microsoft cloud services logging to Microsoft Sentinel. This makes us able to properly identify what to look for in your logs, implement analytics rules, evaluate the criticality of the resulting incidents and properly respond to detections.

Managed Detection

Want to learn more?

We are working closely with Microsoft in order to support businesses secure their IT environments. Want to learn how we do it? Check out our techtalk between Marius Solbakken and Kent Husvik from Microsoft.

Simple and transparent pricing

We don't believe in complex pricing models. We think things should be easy to understand and scale depended on how big your organization is.

Managed Detection

Continuous rollout of our Microsoft Sentinel configuration. Setup of workbooks with incident handling procedures. Monitoring of log sources that stop sending logs.

Monitoring Compliance

Continuous check of log setup for all resources in your Azure platform. Can automatically roll out correct log setup for all Azure resources. Can report on incorrect log setup Azure resources, for manual follow-up.


Fixed and simple pricing. NOK 11.999,- /month or NOK 119.990,- up front for a year.