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Backup made so easy, that users will start using the trash as "archive"

Is your M365 data backed up?

One of the easiest misconceptions between Microsoft and end-users is where the responsibility of customer data lies. Software as a Service (SaaS) platform providers, like Microsoft 365, take on the responsibility of application uptime and the underlying infrastructure. However, it’s still the customer’s responsibility to manage and protect their vital business data, according to Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model. It’s also worth noting that while many of the built-in features within Microsoft 365 can feel like backups, none of them adhere to the common definition of a backup, which is a separate copy of data that’s stored in a separate location that data can quickly and easily be recovered from. Our service offers complete backup capabilities for:

  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams

Backup as it should be.

Amesto Fortytwo has personnel with extensive knowledge of Microsoft 365, and more importantly on Veeam software that our backup service is built on. This service is delivered as "As-a-Service" so you as a customer do not need to manage the underlying infrastructure, data or any server(s). We will protect important files and other types of data for end users. Let us implement backup policies, monitor the jobs, and worry about day-to-day operations around the backup infrastructure.

This service lets you focus on your day-to-day operations, while we take care of your Microsoft 365 data.

The service is based on the following standard for securely managing the administration, maintenance, and monitoring of Microsoft 365.

  • Backing up
    • Exchange online – Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, folders, messages, calendar, archives, tasks, contacts, items and public mailboxes.
    • SharePoint online – Microsoft SharePoint sites, libraries and items
    • Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams, channels, tabs, posts and files
    • OneDrive for Business – Microsoft OneDrive for Business items and folders
  • Backup team ready to support you with any incoming requests regarding configuring policies or restore operations.

Managed M365 Backup

Protect your data and devices now.

As your backup provider, we offer setup of Microsoft 365 backup hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters with links to our Backup & Replication Team.

With our Microsoft 365 backup, you get

  • Fully configured solution to ensure your Microsoft 365 data are fully backed up
  • Built on Veeam software
  • Self-service portal
  • Access to backup experts.

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