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We will take care of your Microsoft 365 security, you take care of your business..

Current threat landscape require that businesses can detect and neutralize threats before they become a significant risk to your business

Even with up-to-date in-house security competency and focus there could be that you could use a helping hand to stay alert. Our Microsoft 365 Security Posture service will make sure your Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment(s) are always configured with recommended and best practise security settings and policies.

Security posture is a high-end cybersecurity service that is applicable for businesses of any size. From experience it is not only the large corporations that cyber criminals target.

New Technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, have given hackers new tools and target groups. As a managed service we reduce complexity of implementation and make sure the solution is always current and is continuously developed to adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape.

Service description

Microsoft 365 Security Posture from Amesto Fortytwo is a service built on DevOps and "everything as code" principles. This enables a cost efficient delivery of configuration and a continuously validation against current best practice for all our customers, where all deviations to best practice are alerted and updated if applicable.

Our recommended configuration are continuously maintained by our Cyber Defense Team, and are based on guidelines from Microsoft and experiences from our customers. When new functionality is added, new guidelines or recommendations are made available. Our recommended configuration will be updated and deployed to all our customers automatically. If we detect deviations that can not be automatically updated or if there are changes that might effect users to large degree we do the changes together with our customers and follow their change management process. The customer is responsible for user contact and incident management. If you would like Fortytwo to handle security incidents we have the optional Managed Detection and Response service, available with up to 24/7 support.

Built from experience and expertise

Amesto Fortytwo have security experts with extensive knowledge on Microsoft 365, Azure AD and the current threat landscape. This enables us to maintain our customers environments in a good and secure way, and enable our customers to have the benefit of all security mechanisms that are available on their license level.

This service let you focus on increased productivity in the company and adoption of Microsoft 365, while we take care of your security configuration of the platform.

Managed Security Posture

Get Microsoft 365 Security Posture

Onboarding is done via a highly automated discovery of all relevant security settings in your environment, then these are compared with best practice settings. The outcome is a report with recommendations and a time and material estimate to get your environment up to recommended level. After this is done this is delivered continuously as a service from Amesto Fortytwo.

Fixed price per. month, easy, transparent

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