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Fortytwo Cyber Defence offerings

What we do

We are Fortytwo, we have the answers,
always. If we don’t have them already in our toolbox we will figure it out.
Our customers have the questions and use-cases.
We are always genuine and up-front.
We are different.


Our Services

Our intention is to create comprehensive, specialized services that are easy to order, easy to use, and completely transparent about what they comprise. Our services are bespoken by Amesto Fortytwo, sourced from the Azure Market Place. Ever evolving, the services will provide the greatest value and the latest versions. We provide an absence of security worries.

Do you know when its your time?

Cyber Defence

Our team is dedicated to protecting your environment from cyber attacks through continuous training and 24x7 response time. We also have access to a range of connected sources to help us stay up-to-date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Our Cyber Defense offerings work both proactively and reactively to keep your environment secure and free from attacks. Trust in our expertise and experience to safeguard your organization from cyber threats.

Let us take care of your platform

Platform Engineering

Amesto Fortytwo want to enable our partners and customers, not by selling consultants, but by delivering carefully crafted engineering solutions and frameworks. Our deployment platform can be used by everyone, instead of charging for a bespoke solution that is not unique. By doing this, we can deliver quick, and continuously improve features based on your requests.

Fixed priced, transparent and easy

Managed Services

Fixed priced, transparent, easy to buy and easy to understand. Our managed services are specialized and sharp to give the customer value quick and easy without having to commit to huge "manage-it-all" concepts and huge project implementations. Our managed services can stand on their own or be integrated into larger projects, making them highly flexible and adaptable

Support and training - On your terms

Adoption and Advisory

Our customers don't always know how to take full advantage of their licenses and M365 configurations. This is where our adoption and advisory team steps in. Following the same principles as our Platform Engineering service, our team works close together with our customers, giving them access to our full catalog of Microsoft workshops aimed at helping them adopt faster to a high degree of precision, and take advantage of correct licensing.