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In an ever-evolving landscape of threats, making sure your Microsoft 365 environment is as secure as possible while also maintaining usability is difficult.

Introducing Amesto Fortytwo Security Posture for Microsoft 365, a solution that continuously monitors your Microsoft 365 configuration and compares it to best practices.

All your Microsoft 365 configuration with possible improvements will be reported with an explanation of why we check for this, an explanation on the consequence of following that best practice is, and a detailed guide on how to configure your environment in a best practice manner.

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What does this solution solve?

We see a lot of customers that are managing their own Microsoft 365 tenant – which is great. However, many of these customers only have knowledge about 20 to 40 percent of Microsoft 365, while the rest is running happily on default settings. This might have been good enough up until now, but with threat actors setting their eyes on Microsoft 365, a 100% coverage is necessary.

Among other things, the portal lets you discover service principals with too much access, makes you discover paths to Global Administrator that you might not be aware of and ensures that you have Privileged Identity Management configured in a proper fashion.


Module based

Monthly fixed price, billed through your Microsoft subscription

Access hundreds of policies and checks

Simple Pricing - Try for free

Simple and transparent pricing. You always get 30 days free trial to make sure this is the right tool for you. After that pricing is $899 a month. Billing is done through your Azure subscription and you are in full control, always.

  • Accept and document risky policy issues.
  • Automated recommendations on best practice.
  • Discover privileged escalation paths.
  • Benchmark your score against well knows industry frameworks.
  • Billed through Azure subscriptions.
  • Get new policies weekly.
  • Prioritize actions with a points-based system.
  • No startup or cancellation fee.
  • Single sign-on from own tenant.
  • No lock in or use limits.
  • 30 days trial.

Ensure you're extracting every ounce of value from your Microsoft Security licenses with our help.


Fortytwo Security Posture Portal

Microsoft Secure Score

Azure Active Directory

Check privileged role usage
Privileged escalation path auditing and review
Ensure users are protected with identity protection
Audit high privileged service principal
Conditional access usage recommendations
B2B experience recommendations
Phishing resistant MFA recommendations
Authentication methods recommendations
Hybrid Identity recommendations
Ensure users are required for Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft Exchange Online

Recommendations for inbound spam filter
Recommendations for phishing filter
Check SPF usage for all domains
Check DMARC usage for all domains
Check DKIM usage for all domains
Auditing recommendations
Transport rule recommendations
Allow list recommendations
Outlook on the Web recommendations


Benchmark your configuration against CIS n/a
Benchmark your configuration against NIST n/a
Benchmark your configuration against OpenSSF n/a
Chat GPT/Open AI integration
Kanban board to work through issues n/a
Third party (Other than Microsoft) checks n/a


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace Microsoft Defender and/or E5 License?

No. This isn't just a tool; it's a tailored solution ensuring the security of your Microsoft 365 environment, aligned with the licenses you hold. For instance, E5 users receive recommendations not visible to E3 customers. Our goal? To optimize your security posture precisely for your licensing tier.


Is the pricing fixed no matter size of our business?

Yes, our pricing is based on modules, no matter how big or small you business is!


Does this require changes in our Microsoft 365 environment?

We only need one enterprise app registration in your Azure AD that you are in total control of. You can delete or stop our access whenever you want.


Will Fortytwo develop more modules?

Yes, we have a big roadmap for future modules. Stay updated on our roadmap here.


How is billing done?

Billing is done through Azure Marketplace and we will add billing to your CSP invoice from Microsoft.


Can I cancel whenever i want?

Yes, we have no lock-in. You can easily cancel the subscription in your Microsoft 365 Admin portal. See how here


Where can I read Terms and Conditions?


Where is my data stored?

We store policy results in a database in Azure Western Europe. All access are controlled and managed by yourself from your own Entra ID.


I want to re-sell this to my customers

Sure! We have a partner program. Ping us at


Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes. Our public roadmap is here

If you have any ideas or requests for features, please ping us at