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You don’t need a hundred likes to be meaningful.
You don’t need someone to tell you what to do.
You know very well, and that is your drive.

Come work with us

We could be looking for you. But are you looking for us?

We could stress the need for experience with security, the cloud, coding, or operations – the whole value chain. Or we could mention the automated and specialized services geared toward security, identity, governance and compliance, cloud enterprise solutions and such.

But this is already second nature to you.


You don’t need to be told what to do, how to work with clients, on innovative technology in the cloud. Or that you are motivated by building and creating. Being innovative, always curious, working in highly competent teams.

However, this should trigger you.


You want to be better at what you are already the best at, working in platform engineering teams, continuously working with the client. You could be a cloud architect and borderline developer, experienced or fresh from school. You don’t have to be an MVP or a principal, but we’ll help you get there if that is your goal.

You want to be able to help shape the solutions and concepts that we offer our clients – and we are at the wavefront of technology. We are experts in cloud native, security, and cloud. We have that can-do- and can-want-attitude, always innovating new solutions and better ways of doing things. We are high-end, competent people, and we go our own way, daring to be different. This is who we are.

Does that resonate with you?

We’re looking for one of the best. Highly competent, but humbly so. Teams working in high competence density environments perform and thrive better. All things considered, being a great fit is crucial to us. The team spirit prevails, building our strong culture, fostering innovation in all areas.

So, whether you think the question is 6*9 or 6*7 (or something else entirely), depends on the perspective. And the questions matter as much as the answers.

We are Fortytwo

Are you?

Coffey on us!