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We are Fortytwo.

We have all the answers.
And the right questions.
Or we will find them.

Amesto Fortytwo

Who are we?

We solve our customers challenges. Problems. We are the solution. We are technology. Using the best tools, we ensure that our customers can rely on their operations, safely, securely, in the cloud.


With the promise that we will always find a way to simplify their business using modern technology. We are always genuine and up-front, and that is why we are different. That is who we are. Are you?


We are always genuine and up-front. We are different.

Fortytwo is about being different, we have- and are gathering the best experts in Norway to build an extreme competense density. We dont distrupt technology (like many people claims), but we are distrupting HOW to deliver technology. We want to change the industry to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

We are clear on what we do and not to make it easy to work with us. We dont believe in building complex company hierarchy, we believe in enabling autonomous teams across the organization. And believe in our employees to make right decisions for our company as a whole to the benefit of our customers